Rotavirus Social Campaign

Rotavirus - Unhack-it Instagram / TikTok campaign

The main objective of this initiative was to empower parents to play an active role in safeguarding their children's health by initiating conversations with their pediatrician about rotavirus disease and its prevention measures.

To accomplish this, our aim was to instill a sense of urgency and emotional resonance in parents, encouraging them to reach out to their healthcare provider. Additionally, we sought to enhance understanding and dispel misconceptions surrounding rotavirus.

Drawing inspiration from the playful and engaging 'hack it' approach commonly seen in online content, I led a dedicated creative team in conceptualising, directing art, and producing short, witty social media reels for platforms Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. These reels aimed to underscore both the urgency and misunderstandings associated with rotavirus within the campaign.

Research points to 77% of parents being mobile-first users, and have likely bought organic and health related products online. Social apps like Instagram and TikTok are increasingly popular across the board, and provided an opportunity to make a difference.

A suite of additional social assets were created to support the campaign. These ranged from 6 second to 15 second edits, looping gifs and static posts.